Planet Earth 3rd from the Sun (NEW!) - product

Planet Earth 3rd from the Sun (NEW!)


My brand new album ‘Planet Earth 3rd from the Sun’ is out now! The album is a harmonious fusion of brand new tracks and previously recorded songs, celebrating the beauty and wonder of our home planet, Earth – the third planet from the Sun, and its place in our galaxy, the Milky Way. A cosmic musical quest!

How does gravity work? What is the order of the planets? When did dinosaurs roam the Earth? How did the Earth begin? What do we love to do on a beautiful morning on our planet? I love writing songs for primary school-aged children to listen to and sing. With Planet Earth Third from the Sun, I hope to inspire young minds and foster a deep appreciation for our own planet Earth, and the wonders of the Universe beyond.

The songs are a blend of entertainment and education, and will hopefully spark curiosity and wonder in the hearts of children and adults alike. I’m also thrilled to have all seven of my
grandchildren contribute to the album either as singers or actors....and the cover art for the album is a creation by my 10-year-old granddaughter Charlie.

I hope you enjoy the album!