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Complete DVD Collection


This definitive collection, with 97 songs and a running time of over 6 hours, includes all of Peter Combe's previously released videoclips and performances from 1989 onwards. There are 2 new clips - one for the all time favourite Wash Your Face in Orange Juice (Mr Clicketty Cane) and another for the incredibly cute Fairies in the Garden plus classics like Newspaper Mama, Toffee Apple, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Juicy Juicy Green Grass, Chopsticks, Happy Christmas to You, Mr Spook, Tadpole Blues, Happy as Larry, Jack & the Beanstalk, Tell Me the Ti-i-ime Please, Rain and Little Groover. Another unique feature is the performances of Peter's 4 children Joni, Alice, Emily & Thom in various clips and concerts. In his 2008 concert, Live at Jive he performs all his kids 'hits' to the 20 somethings who grew up on his music in the late 80's and want to hear the songs again and again. There's also an interview with Peter in which he talks about his career and writing songs for kids.  

Peter Combe Plays Chopsticks & Other Collectable Clips For Kids (1991, 29 mins) Tracks: Saturday Night Chopsticks Wriggle And Roll Newspaper Mama Visits The Queen (poem) Newspaper Mama Music Of The Day (Sing Birds Sing) Spaghetti Bolognaise Very Strange Cat (poem) Toffee Apple Happy Christmas To You Jack And The Beanstalk Wash Your Face In Orange Juice (2010, 6 mins)
Wash Your Face In Orange Juice (Mr Clickety Cane)
Fairies In the Garden
Little Groover (1997, 45 mins) Peter's daughter Joni tries to teach Peter to dance, with mixed results! Tracks: Little Groover Take Your Feet 9999 When I'm 13 Honey I Just Love Peanut Butter Another Cup Of Tea Only One Nose Run Rumpelstiltskin Hey John Ning Nong Why Don't We Little Groover There Was A Crooked Man
The Very Funny Peter Combe Video Show (1989, 35 mins) Peter performs one of his famous in-school concerts. Tracks: I Have It's So Hot Today Rain The Front Of Me Toffee Apple Tom When You're Feeling Crook Spaghetti Bolognaise Newspaper Mama Sing Birds Sing Mr Clicketty Cane The Walking Song Juicy Juicy Green Grass Lullaby (for Thom)

The Absolutely Very Best Of Peter Combe In Concert (1992, 57 mins) With the 'Chopsticks' band, Suzuki violinists and flautists, the Combettes on backing vocals and Helen Beinke's Dance Arts. A superb concert recorded live at the Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide in 1992. Tracks: Australia Hooray Hadrian's Wall Chops & Sausages Rock & Roll Is All You Need Rain Nutrition Blues Tell Me The Ti-i-ime Please Happy As Larry Chopsticks Jack & The Beanstalk Saturday Night Wriggle & Roll Juicy Juicy Green Grass Stuck In A Pizza Toffee Apple Spaghetti Bolognaise Newspaper Mama
Peter Combe's Christmas Under The Stars (1991, 60 mins) Once again available! A beautiful Christmas concert recorded live at the Adelaide Festival Centre in 1991 with the Jingle Bells Band, Adelaide Girls Choir and Helen Beinke's Dance Arts. Tracks: Tell Me The Story Of Christmas Rejoice Rejoice Christmas Child Star Shines Bright Hang Up Your Stocking Ping Baby Lying In A Manger Christmas Is Coming Love & Joy To You A Merry Christmas Little Drummer Boy Fear Not For I O Little One Silent Night Mary's Boy Child Happy Christmas To You.
The Making Of Spook The Videoclip (1993, 31 mins) Peter takes you behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of filming a TV clip.

Peter Combe With The Juicy Juicy Green Band - Live At Jive (2008, 84 mins) Peter sings all his hits to an audience of young adults who grew up with his songs and want to hear them again and again! Tracks: 1. Big Yellow Ball 2. Syntax Error 3. Jack & The Beanstalk 4. Saturday Night 5. Baghdad 6. Spangle Road 7. Down In The Bathroom 8. Hadrian's Wall 9. Exterminate 10. Lullaby (For Thom) 11. Tadpole Blues 12. Jeffrey Hill 13. Chops & Sausages 14. Chopsticks 15. Rock & Roll Is All You Need 16. The Walking Song 17. Rain 18. Nutrition Blues 19. Toffee Apple 20. Newspaper Mama 21. Spaghetti Bolognaise 22. Mr Clicketty Cane 23. Tell Me The Ti-i-ime Please 24. Juicy Juicy Green Grass
Extra Features Extra Juicy Bits (2008, 3 mins) - Young adults tell why they don newspaper hats and sing kids songs. Interview (2010, 21 mins) - Peter talks about his career, children's music and songwriting.

PLEASE NOTE: This DVD Collection is for Australia Zone 4 Region and is in PAL Format (Australia/New Zealand/UK/Europe), so if you have a multi-region DVD player and compatible TV for both PAL & NTSC signals you should be able to play this DVD. If you are in the USA, Canada, South America, Japan, it is best to check that your DVD player and TV can play Zone 4 and PAL before ordering this collection of DVDs.